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About UltiPlay

UltiPlay offers services relating to the design, construction and maintenance of parks and playgrounds throughout New England and our mission has remained focused on one specific goal: Providing New England’s communities and our clients with the highest quality commercial recreation equipment and service for all generations.

With world-class park, recreation and playground products, professional service and our focus on customer satisfaction, we can certainly address the recreation and wellness needs of our customers, regardless of age and ability.

When we assist you with your projects, we believe that the end results not only improve the physical and emotional health of everyone, but also aid individuals, families and entire communities through interaction and play.

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Our Mission

UltiPlay is a New England-based consulting and construction firm dedicated to providing quality athletic, recreation and wellness facilities for schools, childcares and municipalities. Our goal is to provide our clients with unrelenting attention to design excellence, safety and cutting-edge innovation to assure the very best in multi-generational “play” and challenge for those we serve throughout our region.

Our Vision

  • To be the firm of choice for schools, childcares and municipalities in planning and developing their goals for play.
  • To be well recognized as a recreation leader in New England.
  • To be the designer of choice for design and recreation professionals.
  • To be a prominent community member known for meeting the recreation needs of the entire community.

Inclusive Play

The Inclusive Play Design Guide has been developed by a group of playground and child development experts as an inspirational and educational resource to help create great outdoor play environments for everyone. Everyone means typically-developing children, children on the autism spectrum, children who have a cognitive disability, and those who use a wheelchair.

Everyone means all the people in the family, not just the children. The issue is much larger. The design of playgrounds and surrounding environments in almost every community prevents parents and grandparents with disabilities, including injured veterans, from taking typically developing children there.

The Inclusive Play Design Guide offers a set of strategies and solutions to the challenges that face communities in their journey to inclusive play.

Click here to view additional information on inclusive play systems offered by PLAYWORLD SYSTEMS®

Ultiplay Parks & Playgrounds offers Commercial Playground Equipment in Massachusetts ( MA ), Rhode Island ( RI ), Connecticut ( CT ), New Hampshire ( NH ), Vermont ( VT ) and Maine ( ME ).

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Join the hundreds of subscribers to receive our monthly Newsletter! Get updates about our latest projects, news-worthy events, and sales and promotions.