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At UltiPlay, we don’t just sell park and playground equipment.  We aid our clients in managing their entire recreation project, whether large or small.  Our knowledgeable staff of Recreation Specialists, customer service personnel and factory-certified installers are capable of assisting you with every aspect of your project.  From safety issues through complex design and installation issues, you will be guided every step of the way with the confidence built through years of experience.

When it comes time for your park or playground installation, whether it be completed as a community-build or turnkey installation, our staff will be on-site every step of the way.  A summary of services and features follows:

  • Free consultation, design services and “Master Plan” development
  • In-house CAD-based design of your park or playground
  • Both community-build and factory-certified, full-service installation options
  • Provision of the industry’s leading park, recreation and playground products
  • Provision of a variety of safety surfacing solutions for your project
  • Assistance with fundraising, grant preparation and “partnering”
  • Complete site design and analysis of your existing or future park or playground by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector
  • Long-term assistance and maintenance services with your completed project

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Grants and Fundraising

Stimulate your budget with a playground equipment grant.

With physical fitness and healthy development becoming critical issues in public policy, playground equipment grant opportunities abound. Take advantage of PLAYWORLD SYSTEMS® Systems’ FREE playground equipment grant resources guide here or speak with your local UltiPlay representative to see how you can earn playground equipment grant money for your project through numerous other grant opportunities found within our database.

Looking for PLAYWORLD SYSTEMS’® comprehensive grant resources guide, a directory of national and state grant-giving organizations and additional support for playground and fitness projects? Download your FREE copy now.

Other possible recreation and equipment grant resources:

  • City or county government offices, like the Mayor’s office
  • School board
  • Park & recreation department
  • Library
  • Local grant-making foundations that support citizen initiatives
  • United Way and similar non-profit organizations

Again, for a comprehensive listing of additional grant opportunities, sources and programs available to you, contact your local UltiPlay representative. We can provide the necessary assistance, design documents and supplemental information needed to fully complete your grant applications. In addition, we can tailor the information to conform to the type of grant you may be applying for. Ultimately, our assistance should significantly improve your organization’s chances for being awarded your desired grant.

A few of our key fundraising partners that should prove invaluable to your project development also include the following:

As an added option for playground funding for your group or organization, UltiPlay has teamed up with a funding program through Marlin, ideally available for the school, daycare and municipal markets. Whether starting from square one or utilizing the leasing option to supplement your existing fundraising efforts, approvals can be gained in a matter of hours through their simple application process. The end result is the completion of your park or playground project in a fraction of the time. Let your local UltiPlay representative provide all of the necessary assistance to ensure a successful and timely playground project for your organization.

Community-Built Playgrounds

In the spirit of an old-fashioned barn-raising, community members from all backgrounds and walks of life can come together for one sole build a park or playground that everyone can be proud of for years to come."

UltiPlay provides you with the very best in play! We provide you with the tools and experience to make your playground construction a reality! A community playground project can connect young and young-at-heart by bringing together community volunteers who design and install a new playground. By using the community-built approach, you can use money that would normally have been allocated for installation costs and put it to better use by providing more equipment and greater play value for your dollar.

To help in your efforts, UltiPlay has put together a detailed, easy-to-follow Community Built Program. Coupled with our years of community-build experience, we will help you with all the details, culminating in Dedication Day when the entire community celebrates your new playground and turns it over to your children for years of fun and enjoyment.

The step-by-step process, is outlined in an easy-to-follow binder.

  1. Setting Up Committees - Learn how to organize various committees and inspire an audience to become active volunteers and participants.
  2. Selecting A Site - Learn how to target and choose an ideal site for your new playground.
  3. Design Day - Parents, teachers, children, and community members design and discuss their "perfect" playground.
  4. Getting The Word Out - Get suggestions and sample press releases of how to keep the community up-to-date about your progress.
  5. Fundraising - PLAYWORLD SYSTEMS® has created unique partnerships with specific fundraising companies to aid in the success of your project. Likewise, UltiPlay has compiled numerous resources for the sole purpose of raising the capital needed to see your project through to fruition.
  6. Final Design Presentation - Present your community with a custom-designed park or playground project through various forms of media and promote the installation day throughout the area.
  7. Installation Day - Learn the secrets of organizing your volunteers and creating the workforce necessary to insure the success of your project under UltiPlay’s direct supervision, from start to finish.
  8. Dedication Day - Officially open the playground to the community and just have fun!

Ultiplay Parks & Playgrounds offers Community Built Playgrounds in Massachusetts ( MA ), Rhode Island ( RI ), Connecticut ( CT ), New Hampshire ( NH ), Vermont ( VT ) and Maine ( ME ).

Plumley Village Time Lapse Video… A Typical Community Built Playground

Design Tips

UltiPlay’s “Top Ten” Design Tips for a Successful Park or Playground

  1. The Concept:  Get a clear picture of your project, including target age of users and their needs.
  2. Consider accessibility needs and Inclusive Play in siting and designing your project.
  3. Identify your project budget, including site preparation, surfacing, installation and miscellaneous materials and not just the equipment.
  4. Identify the site or location best suited for your project and accessible to all visitors.  Consider topography, parking, proximity, visibility and maintenance.
  5. Don’t overlook site preparation and how your playground will be built.  Are you “excavating down” for a flush transition or “building up” onto the existing grade.  There are pros and cons to each option as they relate to aesthetics and budget.
  6. Consider the various types of safety surfacing material early in the design process as they significantly impact your project’s budget, future maintenance and your site’s accessibility needs.
  7. Determine the method by which your project will be built.  Will it be a community-build or a turnkey installation?  There are also options “in between” and all have an impact on your budget and project success.
  8. Select equipment to fit your objectives and your site and don’t hesitate to ask kids what they want in their park or playground.  They’re the ones that will be using it.
  9. Prepare a plan for completion of your project, including timeline and the help needed to implement your timeline.  You can’t do it alone!
  10. Get some help!  UltiPlay provides free professional consultation and design services for all aspects of your project.  We provide detailed site analysis, CAD-based site design and layout for all aspects of your project, big or small.  Also contact our references as they’ve been through the process and can potentially provide invaluable information as you move forward. No need to “reinvent the wheel”!
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